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The post | Lawrence, INdiana

I opened a satellite office at the Carmel Office Suites and it has been a great location for our firm; easy to find, affordable rates and a beautiful facility! I get a lot of compliments from my clients on how wonderful the building is and their conference rooms have been a great resource for my monthly lunch-and-learns and other networking events. I have and will continue to recommend this location for my clients and business partners looking for great office space at a great rate.
— ACT Services, Inc.
I was working out of my house for a while, and the draw for me was the design and the aesthetics of the Fishers Office Suites building. It matched my brand well and was a nice alternative to meeting my clients at my house. I love meeting with clients in the different conference rooms- they all have great design. And the office suites shares my Facebook posts from time to time, which helps my business.
— Dauss Foto, Wedding and Fashion Photography
I was located in a medical-type office space, but it just wasn’t an environment conducive to relaxation, which is crucial to my business. At this building, the office space sizes are perfect, and everyone comments on the great aesthetics of the building. I love the fact that I don’t have to maintain restrooms, a lobby area, or a vending machine area, and my clients still get to enjoy those benefits. The Office Suites building really fits the image of my business, and after a few months of being here, I had to expand to an additional suite because my business was growing so much!
— Neuro Feedback, LLC